Essence of Miniature

This is Frank (@woodcastles). Let us know about this miniaturist.

1. Please tell us about yourself in brief.

I draw and paint since I started thinking. Back in my childhood when I had to spend some days in a hospital for tonsillectomy, to get off of my boredom I painted what I saw - the tablecloth was figured with fairytale figures - and I drew them. To my astonishment, the nurse did not believe it. So, that’s where I found art as my companion.

2. What's art for you and why did you choose art as your career? 

Oh, art can be everything, our being is art, and needless to say any creation is art (as well as art is a creation). Art can be very political, can stir you up, can please you, inspire sentiments and that is fabulous. I can’t imagine anything better but art and hence my career.

3. How do you get the inspiration?

Many of my tiny paintings can be seen as personal pictures – my diary is one. And there exist my passions too - travelling, nature, movies, unusual objects etc. So life around me inspires me to play with art. Usually I wake up with an idea for the next painting. Therefore, my dreams too form to be an influence.

4. What problems were/are faced by you in this entire journey of becoming a successful artist? How could those be solved? 

Let me say a bit wryly. When some people ask for the price and think that’s too expensive, I explain that even artists have some basic needs. And we work to pay our own bills. Often we work even harder and longer but expected. To this, once somebody remarked: “But you have fun with your work“. I just thought “what a deep hit into his own silly brain“.

Most artists’ work won’t pay the rent, and they have to wrangle time off themselves to create, paint, play music, carve, dance; people should keep this in mind at least.

5. Why did you choose miniature?

When I decided to start my personal project - paint one image every day - I saw that others managed to do that before me, it was inevitable to reduce something, to become even more minimalistic, to allot time to capture the essence. So I paint a miniature everyday.

6. Out of curiosity I wanted to ask what kind of the brushes you use for so tiny paintings?

Da Vinci Maestro, Siberian Kolinsky red sable hair, Series 10, size 0 and 1.

7. How much time does a painting takes?

That depends on the amount of details. Usually 3 to 4 hours whereas some need much more time. Research, planning, assembling can be even more time-consuming.

8. How are you able to give details in such small scale?

Oh, that points to eyes and hands. You can pop out your eyes physically, by wearing magnifying spectacles, every dentist does it, every goldsmith, PCB designers and me too. Your hands should be steady though, and your mind too because you need patience besides passion.

9. Are you a full time artist?

Well, nowadays nearly. Formerly I worked as a graphic designer and a teacher so, time for art was a Luxury and never enough.

10. What do you want to tell the folks out there and the aspiring artists?

Never give up! You need more self discipline than others. You will almost starve, you will never have enough time for anything because you need to keep everything running: your life, your family, your friends, your job and your passion. BUT, NEVER GIVE UP!