Life from the eyes of a Bibliophile

This is Elizabeth Sagan. Let’s know about her love of books.

1. Please tell us about yourself.

I’m Elizabeth Sagan. I'm 23 and live in Romania. I've recently completed Law and decided to take a few months off to focus on a creative project that has a lot to do with books.

2. What's art for you?

For me, art is a way to express myself; another form of language. It nourishes my soul.

3. How did you get the idea of this kind of photography?

My Instagram account focuses on books. It’s because of my love for reading that started long back. I’ve been in a bad place, a huge reading slump and a life crisis, so, I decided to go back to my one true love – books. I found the book community on Instagram and jumped in.

In the beginning, my pictures were very simple – only book covers as I talked about the books that I was reading and loving but over the months, my style developed into what you can see right now. I started adding props, paying attention to the lighting, to the colors, to the symmetry of the picture (things that I knew nothing of when I started everything, two and a half years ago). I didn’t take any photography courses, it's all self-taught. In the mid of 2017, I started experimenting. I think what really changed my photography style was the fact that I started adding myself in every picture. As the pictures got more complicated, the time that I was investing grew eventually longer.

But, my love for words was undaunted.

4. Are you working in a team for all this conceptualization, photography, setup etc.?

Yes, we are a team of two. Me and my best friend, James Trevino.

5. Do you work for full-time?


6. Ever thought of considering your art/photography as a source of income?

Yes, but not my main source of income. My goal is to work in the book industry, where I hope my main source of income will come from.

7. You must have faced some challenges in bringing all this up. How did you cope up with them?

Consistency – which, I believe, is the most beautiful word in the English vocabulary. Everyone has bad days, everyone faces challenges. When you’re looking at things from this point of view, you stop stressing over anything and everything. I consider myself no different from any other person who wants to be there. The difference is in consistency – who stops, who keeps moving forward.

8. What advice would you like to give for the aspiring artists?

Search for your passion because that's going to strengthen you in the long run. Work hard on it. Every path is difficult but gets simpler when you add your courage to it.

9. What are you aiming to do next?

I’m aiming to publish my book.

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