Welkin Canvas
Welkin Canvas
Let's make art reach hearts

OUR Motto

We Spread the Spectrum of Art

At Welkin Canvas, we make you paint through time and space with the colours of voices of artists making a spectrum on your canvas.

OUR Story Strokes

Back in the old days of our learning, we found that the artists were not getting the exposure they deserve. Especially, they were struggling the most in terms of making a career in this field. So, we came out with a desire to uplift the artist community as a whole to a next level for which we created platforms through several social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. that significantly to a point bridged the gap between them and the world at large.

Now, it’s been 5 influential years and we are still working with the artist community aiming to promote art globally and helping these diligent artists get recognition. In the continuum, we thought of bringing in art mavens and art enthusiasts to a place where they can actually see the Darwinism of art. Moreover, the experts can guide the art fanatics on the ways of refining themselves.

So let’s make art reach hearts.

Welkin Canvas |ˈwɛlkən ˈkænvəs|

Welkin Canvas: Paint the sky like you paint the canvas.

WELKIN, the sky.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: German, ‘Wolke.’